Friday, 13 September 2013

I won a digital image called..........Wonder Lilly.

Well what can I say two blog posts in two days I really am doing well lol!

This digital image is a SBS (simply Betty stamp), I won this on a late night quiz, there was a few of us online the other night on Facebook and Rio, who is Betty's daughter held a little quiz. We had to complete the full chorus of the song lyrics she put up. I managed to get the lyrics from a Rocky Horror show song right, I didn't even know it was for a prize and when I was asked for my email I was shocked. So I sent my email to Rio and within a few seconds I had an email in my inbox from Betty, I opened this email and gave out a squeal as this little beauty of an image was inside!! I couldn't thank Betty and Rio enough as this came just at the right time for a special friend who is a wonder woman and who needs cheering up right now.

You can buy this image along with the other amazing images from this range that are inspired by superheros like super girl, iron man, captain america, bat girl, spider girl etc with many other amazing images, go and check out the SBS website.

The day after the email had dropped in my inbox I had to print this out to make something. I printed her out, coloured her twice just to test I wanted them colours. I coloured her with my promarkers, I really like the gold metallic promarker but my paper didn't :( It started to buckle (is that what you say when the fibers start to lift off the paper?). I knew I wanted red and blue card for the background but had an idea about the patterned paper, I defo wanted stars! Could I find the starts sheet I know I have?? NOOOOO! But I found this little beauty from a Amy Tangerine 12x12 paper pad. You may ask why could you not find the sheet you needed?? Well that's a funny story, I wanted to organise my room as you do and I started to sort it out little by little until one day I went in to do something and WHAM it hit me, it looked like a bomb had gone off in my room! I have slowly got my papers in some kind of order but they really need a better storage solution as they are all in boxes, which takes forever to go through to find what you want or need. It takes me forever to make a card with my health etc but to have to hunt as well its like a week long process if not longer sometimes. I am thinking of cutting a lot of them down and getting smaller boxes for them that I can keep on the shelf and have them separated by themes, patterns etc. Anyway sorry I rambled off then, back to the card. So I cut down the card and patterned paper, picked out a lovely heart doily and stuck them all down. Now was the tricky bit, what did I have that would go? What was to hand? Oh dear where is it all? I took a slow walk about the room and peered into some bags and boxes but nothing was catching my eye at all. I thought about ribbon, beaded trim, stick pins, lots of bling but nope I wasn't happy with any of them. Then there sat on my desk was the basket with these flowers in, so grabbing the basket and throwing the ones that wouldn't go to one side I found these. So that was that sorted but now I have no sentiment, I thought about not putting one on but needed to fill the space in the heart with something. Again could only use what was to hand and knew I had some already stamped out, I do not know where this one is from, I think it could be either a Andy Skinner or Tim Holtz stamp. I added some gems and I was happy as Larry.

I am so pleased with this card and I had a great time making it for my super friend (you know who you are!). I really hope she likes this card and she remembers she is a wonder-ful woman who can and will get through the difficult times right now. I love ya girl!! You are my sister from another mother and mister!!

Again with a long post, sorry I don't half ramble lol. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you for stopping by. Remember any questions please just ask. Until next time.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Freebie Witch Mercedes from Simply Betty Stamps

I have not been on here for a long time, two years I think it is (sorry). Life has been a hectic mess and took over everything. Well I joined a group thanks to a friend called Trudie who suggested it. It is called Simply B Stamps Fan Group, on Facebook. Since joining this group I have bought a new printer and filled out my Promarker pens. 

Well Betty was giving out a free digi and this was the witch in the card above. I don't normally get digis but I just had to get this one and with it being free it was a huge bonus. The was only one request that was asked of people if they did ask for the freebie and that was to make a something with it, in your fave Halloween colours. So I did!! 

After changing my idea 3 times and finally settling on a stepper card I began to colour. This was so frustrating for me as I am new to colouring 'properly' with alcohol markers. I think it was the 4th time lucky of colouring in one of the witches that I was some what happy and choose only to change her hair, lips. eyes and buckles each time. I knew I wanted to pop them on a sky background with cauldrons and head stones. So off I went to make a start on getting things together to begin to make the card up. 

I was inspired by the Hocus Pocus Sanderson sisters. I was so mad once I realised I had stuck 'Winifred' in the wrong place as I wanted her in the middle!! But not to worry, she still looks great and is the First sister, so they are in 'age' order LOL!! I cut the cauldrons out with a stampin up circle punch and placed it on it again to chop a little off to get the top rounded. I then embossed them with black glitter embossing powder then added glossy accents on the rim and down the cauldron, sprinkled micro beads on and left them to dry. To make the grave stones I used the ticket punch from stampin up and just shaped them a little to round them, chopped the bottoms off so they was flat. Then I used distressed inks to colour them. I wrote on the R.I.P with a fine liner pen and wham I have headstones. The grass and sky is also coloured using distress inks (If you wish to know what colours please just ask as at this moment I have no idea, but they are still out so can get names for you). The 'fence' is a Martha Stewart punch, the moon is masked with the same size punch as the cauldrons, the plastic bats and spider is from a pack of goodies I found at a shop here called poundworld (a pound for 50 assorted Halloween goodies can't be bad). I added gems for stars to add a little bling and twinkle, the little sticker bats are just some stickers I found in my stash. The sentiment comes with the digital stamp which can buy at the Simply Betty Store, with this I embossed it with my 'blood' dripping folder (not sure of the name but can find it if needed) and used distress ink to make it look like blood dripping. 

I really enjoyed this and it was the first card I have really made in a long time!! I want to thank Betty for giving this image away for free as I know a lot of work goes into making these and I can't wait to make another now......

Hope I haven't talked for to long and you like my card. Thank you for stopping by and here is to many more blog posts now :) x