Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birthday surprises!!!!!!!!!

This post is for a BIG surprise for two very special ladies who are on the Simply Betty Fan Group page on Facebook (make sure you come and say hey, they are all totally crackers but great fun hehe).

Well I was invited to a secret event by Tanja and was asked if I would like to take part in a surprise card making for two ladies on the group I mentioned above and I jumped at the chance. Not for the free images in which Betty drew and gave out to use for the cards but because these ladies are lovely and will do anything for anyone, they always get me smiling like lots of others on there, I take great inspiration from there work and just love seeing what they and others get up to. It was so nice to see how many people jumped at the chance to make cards for the ladies. All we had to do was post the cards off to Betty when we had completed them so she could post them off to the ladies. They would then get a huge box with cards for them to open on their birthday. Betty did all of this out of her own pocket and took the time to draw the images to. THANK YOU BETTY!!! 

Well here are the cards, hope you ladies like them:

Corinne hates leaves so just had to pop some in the card lol, sorry please don't stick a pin in my doll ;) x

This stamp was put on the back of both cards, hehe I love this stamp. I bought it at a craft show one year and just had to use it.


This stamp was put on the back of both cards, hehe I love this stamp. I bought it at a craft show one year and just had to use it.


Have a wonderful day ladies. Thank you Tanja and Betty for letting me join in with sending these and for the images. I had great fun making these cards and colouring the cards up. My cards are not linked in the hop on this blog but they are on Tanja's wasn't sure if I could make the hop blog post with health, thanks hunni xxx did this at 02:30am, took me about an hour to get this done lol. But it is done, just hope it posts when it's meant to now. Here is the list to all the other cards on the hop, got and have a look they are all fantastic, everyone has worked so hard on each card. Thanks for stopping by. x

Betty Roberts (Vannessa Bland, Carmen Shannon, Barbara Haines Ettinger)
Tanja Charles, BreAnn McFarland, Samantha Valantean
Tanya Johnson
Jackie Rakoski-Diediker
Sian Hillman
Lucy Gregg
Karen Pimblett
Maggie Cox Schoener
Wendy Billings
Darcy Schroeder
Sheri Scraps
Bettina Leikvoll
Lori Gauerke
Christin Myhre
Vicky Fortier
Katya Bess
Danni Bindel
Stacey Schofield 
Jackie Randolph
Emily Shroom
Samantha Valantean
Kay Mowat
Ruza Stevanovic Rebel
Cindye Wile
Lisa Howell
Veronica Chasteen Rosenshein
Kathy Smyth
Robin Bogle
Melissa Whaley Varga
Sharon Gerber Brown 
Kezzia Kerri Brown
Roz Gold Wolfe
Trish TheDish Sakulich
Sharman DeLuca
Kathy Johnson Gillon
Lisa Lucas Nelson
Heath Whitlock
Stacy Stratis
Louise Mann
Tamara Van Wijk
Rio Judy Ford
Lori Gauerke
Sharette Smith 
Elisabete Olivera Balcavage
Celina ScrapVamp Matthews



This is an image again from Simply Betty Stamps and this was a challenge image, all you did was pay a $1 for this image and make a card with it. Not this card was made last min as with health it got pushed back and back again so I can not remember if this meet all the challenge rules or if I even entered if correctly. (Thyroid brain sucks). With that said thought I really really enjoyed colouring this image in and trying new hair styles and colours on her clothes. This is coloured using my promarkers.

Hope you are all well and thank you for stopping by. x

Batman inspired card...

Wow where did the time go? Illness and hoildays don't half take up your time. I have had family members poorly who needed lots of care and attention, my health is totally failing me again (no surprise there right?). I am now waiting for treatment of radio iodine for my thyroids, so there is a chance of me going missing again. But I have been making a few things and here is one of the cards I made. 

Here is:

Christian the dark hero - by Simply Betty Stamps

I made this card for my nieces dad for his birthday if you hadn't guessed by what looks huge of a happy birthday sentiment lol. It does not look that big honest haha. His birthday was a month ago now. The best thing was to when I gave him his card he had his batman belt on!!! It was so cool! I had to add gems for stars (think this could be a new obsession so need to get more lol). Hope you like this card and check out Simply Betty Stamps I just love her work, seem to be using a lot of her images right now, always my go to as there is something there for everyone and everything :)

Have a great day, evening, night where ever you are in the world. Thanks for stopping by. x