Wednesday, 28 December 2011

These are the food goodies......

 Well i wanted to make somethings like i did last year but do something i ain't done and I'm so glad i did as i now have learned a few things and no how to do new things to. So here goes.

Theses are the choc chip muffins they looked abit dull so me n lee started to mess about with icing and this is what happened LOL. I started off well with the one that looks like a bauble but it was such hard work to squeeze out the icing out of a tube i had i could do it so lee did it and he wasn't going to 'mess about' doing the whole thing so that's how the faces come about lol.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crafting goodies i made.........

I made up a few things but not as much as i wanted so now I'm going to be starting early and getting my finger out LOL. I have made these as little extra things to go in hampers along with there normal pressies people got spoilt this year along with me i was very spoilt, i no it ain't about presents and its about family, i had a fantastic day with the family other than the fall which i did when we stopped at mum n dads, back gave out on the garden path and legs went from underneath me and WHAM i went down like a sack of potato's. Luckily nothing is broken bone wise, missing abit of my thumb nail and got a few grazes, bruises, a concussion and a very sore back but thanks to lees dad my brand new red shoes ain't ruined by the mood nor is my brand new red dress, phewwwww!!! Thanks everyone for the help and cleaning of the things that needed it, i love u all!! All in all it was a great day and here are the goodies i made up ie little gifts and hampers. Next post is food :)

 Candles, i put my own sentiment on there and took so little time. More of these will be appearing LOL
 Candles wrapped
 Candles wrapped and a sentiment added. Wish i;d of stamped them though would have looked better.
 Here's how it reads.
 LOL this was the funny pressies for people which are soap balls 'snowballs'
 Close up to box when wrapped.
 Here's a group pic of how many i made, just made the woman one each.
 Some last min key rings what i wanted to do to them didn't work out so had to cover them in a dark colour n stamp on them, NOT happy with these at all!!
 Cappuccino gift bags

 Milkshake gift packets
 Some of the sweet gift packets there was a huge bag full of them and couldn't get them all in one pic that u could make out what they was LOL. Ooppppppsssss

 There was a few different chocolate treats like minstrels and giant buttons wrapped up
 Chocolate coins it ain't Christmas without them
 These are homemade bath salts i made and packaged up.
 Radox shared out and packaged up for people
 OK i made these for the Lolly's and for cake pops but there was just so many i ended up not using them at all.

 One of my sisters hamper, which consists of a cup, moisturiser, lip balms, hair spray, face wipes, bubble bath, necklace, nail and makeup brush set, nail varnish, books wrapped up, a tray and a me to you pop.
  One of my sisters hamper, which consists of a cup, moisturiser, lip balms, hair spray, face wipes, bubble bath, rings, nail and makeup brush set, nail varnish, books wrapped up, a tray, smarties, twilight pencil case, muffin silicone cases and a me to you pop.
One of my mum hamper is alot smaller as she got bigger present and i just couldn't fit them on this tray lol, so this consists of a cup, moisturiser, face wipes, bubble bath, match makers, after eight mint chocs, the wrapped pressie is a tree hanging which is a lady with a bingo card n pen and said 'granny loves bingo' as shes loves a game or two, a mum plaque, a tray and a me to you pop 
Grans hamper is alot smaller as she got bigger present and i just couldn't fit them on this tray lol, so this consists of a cup, moisturiser, face wipes, nail file, 3 wine bottles (small ones don't want her to drunk now do we lol), a meeakat DVD set, shrek Halloween DVD, big box of milk tray, a tray and a me to you pop
This is mum (Sandra's, lee mum) hamper is alot smaller as she got bigger present to and i just couldn't fit them in this basket lol I prefare them in a basket they look better and easier to wrap. But this was the only one i could find and this will get used as she can put craft goodies in there now hehe. So this consists of a cup, moisturiser, face wipess, bubble bath, mum plaque, hair spray, nail varnish, books, shreading scissors, craft paint bag thing, a snowman bath bomb set and a me to you pop.
 This is an ornamant i made for sandra
 worte this on the back
 This was for my mum n dads house
 This was for grans house
 And this was for my sisters house.

 Theses was the first thing i put together and was going to decorate but ran out of time in the end, these are for the cakes.
This is inside but it didnt fit 100% right but one the muffins was in there it looked fine. Pics will be on next post.

The next post of makes will be all the food treats i made and im so glad i did all of this over 2 months and not all in one go but wish i could do it in one go if ya will but ahhhh ummmm thats the way my life is and illness is part n parcel of me right :) Thanks for looking. Have a great day x

Christmas cards..........

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Been very busy.......

Hey all sorry there aint been no post about here of late but I have been very busy making things for christmas and wrapping, shopping etc and I have a fair few things to make and a couple  of things to wrap and ill be ready for christmas :) I no I no I mentioned the naughty word Im sorry.

Im also in the middle of cleaning my craft room thanks to the gas man lol. I have the meters in the room where i do and keep all my things and there was a piles of things infront of the cupboads and I had to send the gas man away to read the reast of the streets meters b4 he could get to mine so now I have decided to rearange and put the dining room table (which is full of my big shot, Sillhouette, eclips and my grand calibur lol) not much eating goes on at that table, so I moved my table down the room and put a chair in front of the cupboards but in place where I can get into the meters when needed lol. So atm my room is a total bomb site and whist its been like that I have been doing wrapping and gift hampers but I really best get off and make a start on doing more tidying so I can get started on the other things I need to make. I have pics on my cam ready and waiting to be uploaded for u all of the things I have been making but cant show them all as Sandra (lees mum) is on here and I no she will peak hehehe.

Hope ur all well and I will see you all again soon. Have a great evening :)


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy birthday Laura!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNI!!!!! Hope ur having a fantastic 18th!!!!!!

Ok so now she has received the card and pressies I sent down here is the pic of the card that took time and a day to make lol alot of cutting of small things.

This is the front and its twilight themed as Laura LOVEEEEEEEEEEEES twilight as much as me!

These are digi stamps from The Greeting Farm website and I have resized them so they would all fit on, but I did by mistake make rosalie smaller than the rest dont no how that happened. This is called Twilight Lovers. I have paired them all up with the men on the left and the ladies on the right with the exception of Jacob. As u can see he is on Twice once as 'normal' Jacob and then as wolf Jacob. This is because as 'normal' he loves bella and as wolf he loves Bella but Bella loves Jacob more when he turns to wolf Jacob, hope that makes sense LOL. 
I aint 100% happy with the inside but I had run out of time for me to do what I really wanted to do. So i stamped around the outside and then stamped happ birthday all over the place in black and red to keep with the twilight feel.

Hope u like my card and please leave a comment all of them are very well appriciated. Hope ur having a great day!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

What I have been upto tonite...

Well I have a very special persons card to make for her birthday and she nos who she is, dont ya Laura? Well i went to make a start at about 6pm and i finally finished about 10:30pm I no I no but I always find it harder to make for family and close friends. But I have to say im happy with how it has turned out and it will be getting posted out tommorow and I shall post it up very soon. Lets just say its HUGE! 12X12 infact, so im sorry Laura but theres no envolope so it will be wrapped up lol. Have a great nite going to go and chill out now with Lee and watch some American dad. Have a great nite all and sleep well.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Another find which i forgot about..................opppps

Opppppps how many times have you opened a bag thats either just been put there that day or from days ago and totally forgot about it?? I know I do it as I have just done it today. Just stummbled over this bag with other things from a different charity shop and found this little gem hiding in there.

This was only £1 and Im going to alter this for something but what I dont no yet, may make it a pressie or use it for some dobbers or the embossing powders I use more LOL. I love to buy and imagine them all altered but do I really think about where Im going to put it? Nooooooooooooooooooooo LOL oh well. I have a craft room but still things seem to take up alot of room (LOL but there AINT to much there oh no!!!)


Bargain of the day!!

Ok so today I went out to the town over from me and went for a wonder around with Lee. We went into the first charity shop and this is what I found:

Here are other pisc of it so u can really see what it looks like from the side and with the doors open.

And all for the price of...............wait for it, wait for it.

Thats right £5 I just couldnt leave it there at that price could I? So my beloved bought it for me. I am planning on altering it after christmas as soon as I have done all the things for christmas I must get on with the tea box I have, which I am a tiny bit way through in altering i have so far painted it all one colour as a base and I have things to put on there like other paints, papers, key holes etc. I dont no what I am going to use this one for atm but im sure I will find something :) Hope your all having a great day :)


Friday, 7 October 2011

New to blogging.....

Hi all, Im new to blogging as of today and WOW I have been missing out aint I? LOL. Well I'm here now and you no what I bet this takes up most of my time now instead of crafting, fourms and facebook LOL. I would like to welcome you to my blog and thank you all for joining, please feel free to message me at anytime and I will get back to you asap, I on the comp alot so it will be most prob in the same day hehe. Bbest get off and get crafting done so I upload as soon as its made (dont no what it is yet but we will see) :) Have a great day (well its night here now, so where ever u may be have a great day,evening or night)