Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Been very busy.......

Hey all sorry there aint been no post about here of late but I have been very busy making things for christmas and wrapping, shopping etc and I have a fair few things to make and a couple  of things to wrap and ill be ready for christmas :) I no I no I mentioned the naughty word Im sorry.

Im also in the middle of cleaning my craft room thanks to the gas man lol. I have the meters in the room where i do and keep all my things and there was a piles of things infront of the cupboads and I had to send the gas man away to read the reast of the streets meters b4 he could get to mine so now I have decided to rearange and put the dining room table (which is full of my big shot, Sillhouette, eclips and my grand calibur lol) not much eating goes on at that table, so I moved my table down the room and put a chair in front of the cupboards but in place where I can get into the meters when needed lol. So atm my room is a total bomb site and whist its been like that I have been doing wrapping and gift hampers but I really best get off and make a start on doing more tidying so I can get started on the other things I need to make. I have pics on my cam ready and waiting to be uploaded for u all of the things I have been making but cant show them all as Sandra (lees mum) is on here and I no she will peak hehehe.

Hope ur all well and I will see you all again soon. Have a great evening :)



  1. Hi Sam you spoil sport i thought for a mo i was going to have a sneeky peek LOL!!!I've seen some of sam's prezzies for her family and friends and all i can say is she as worked sooo hard on them all and it shows,WELL DONE SAM xxxxxx
    Sandra xxx

  2. Thanks very much Sandra, cant wait to get the pics on here after christmas day. There all on my camera waiting to be put on here hehehe.